Ever since she was a little girl Alana Banana has loved to sing and dance.  Her energy is infectious; you’ll find yourself humming and tapping along to her unique blend of folk, rock and soul.  What’s even more special is the way she relates to the kids.  With a big imagination, and an even bigger heart, Alana Banana brings out the very best in all her friends that visit the Clubhouse.  Come join her on this magical journey!  

Un oso español que ama la música y puede tocar cualquier instrumento! Habla español? Oh… Bill is a Spanish bear who loves music and can play any instrument!  He is a confident romantic who loves to jam.  He also loves preserves.  He met Pepper at a Jam festival and they became instant best friends.  We believe his feelings run deeper.  Pepper doesn’t take much notice, but this doesn’t seem to stop him from trying to impress her with his music.  

Pepper is a sweet young Panda Bear with a bountiful heart and an old soul.  She loves to bake, make fruit jam, bang on pots and pans, and share with others.  Her generous spirit makes her very supportive to others.  She encourages her friends to believe in themselves and to follow their dreams!  

A small mouse that grew up on a farm, Neil Farmstrong moved to the Island in search of adventure.  He lives in his Hideaway, a space between the walls of the Alana Banana Clubhouse.  A lover of astronomy, Neil believes that he is a real astronaut (although everyone knows he is just a farm mouse!).  The eternal optimist, Neil’s enthusiasm is most readily seen in his “Tip of the Day”, a recurring segment.  Sharing little gems that he’s learned from his travels, his tips are helpful, albeit always from a mouse’s perspective.

Growing up in London in the early 1920’s, Grandma Phone, an old fashioned record player, has a love for all things jazz and blues.   Alana Banana met Grandma on one of her adventures and a special friendship was born. From tea time to story time, they always have a grand old time in the clubhouse.  She loves receiving letters in the mail from the kids who watch the show.  In turn, she teaches them about history and the way the world works.  Her motto is that, “It’s never too late to learn something new!”

Known for his work as a DJ, hip-hop pioneer and vegetable, he is grounded and down to earth. Digging in the dirt and finding treasures are his favorite pastimes.  Fossils, artifacts, essentially anything he finds is a treasure to him.  There’s a little rivalry between Beet and Phil, Vegetable vs. Fruit!  They constantly try to one up each other with their witty banter, but at the core they are good friends.

Smart, sincere, sweet and always modest, Phil is Alana Banana’s Smart Phone!  When Alana Banana has a question or thought about the world, she will almost always ask Phil.  He is like a little professor, and there is no question too rhetorical he won’t answer. 

In the Monkey Village we meet all sorts of different Monkeys.  Curious, playful and at times mischievous. They are easily excited and seem to get into everything.  Always wanting to be a part of the action and are never too shy about expressing their feelings.  From business Monkey to baker Monkey, they all take on different jobs to run the Monkey Village.

A beta fish who hails from Sandwich, Massachusetts, Frampton now resides in Alana Banana’s Clubhouse.  Outgoing with a great imagination.  He loves sports, and daydreams of one day being an all-star player in the games he watches from his bowl.  Sometimes he’s a little competitive, but his friends try to teach him to be a good sport.

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